Why SmartMindsMap?

Smart minds map is Mumbai’s leading provider of tailored and customized online psychometric assessment to gauge individuals talent potential using artificial intelligence. From the day of inception in 2016 we have always strived to deliver time efficient, cost effective, simple and objective assessment solutions by tailoring them to the unique industry and organizational challenges at the same time we are always eager to deliver high quality people performance outcomes.

we have built a team of experienced organizational professionals who are partnered with us, and are ready to share their personal and professional experience in the journey of their success and will also share with you step by steps of how to achieve the dream profession.

We see ourselves as not only experts in psychometric assessments but also as a career counselor. Being experts in both areas enables us to not only better understand your challenges but also develop creative and innovative solutions tailored to your specific career aspirations.

We know how crucial it is to achieve high performance in a competitive industry. Each industry has its own unique features and challenges that influence peoples’ performance. To provide you with the highest service levels we have gained expertise in specific industries such as Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, banking, entrepreneur,¬†etc. with developed screening and psychometric assessment solutions that are tailored to each unique industry.

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